To: Department Heads, Affirmative Market Coordinators, POS Contract Mangers, PMT Members, Chief Financial Officers, and MMARS Liaisons

From: Frank Lane at Lane Printing & Advertising

Re: Printing Services (Offset, Photocopy, Pre-, Post-process Production) and Mail Services

The contract number has been changed from I650A to OFF15. Lane Printing & Advertising has been pre-qualified based on their capability to deliver quality work in a timely manner while remaining cost competitive.

Eligible Entities:
This Statewide Contract may be used by all agencies of the Commonwealth, including all Constitutional Offices, the Legislature, the Judiciary, Elected Offices, Public Institutions of Higher Education, including the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium, the Military Division, independent Public Authorities and all other political subdivisions of the Commonwealth including cities, towns, municipalities, county governments, school districts, other service districts, and other quasi-public agencies. In addition, Not-For-Profit vendors currently providing human and social services to the Commonwealth under contract and other Eligible Entities designated in writing by the State Purchasing Agent may use this Statewide Contract.

Purpose of Contract:
This Statewide Contract for printing and mail services was established to replace Statewide Contract #I650A (which expired June 30, 2003). OFF15 provides a wide and comprehensive range of services that includes offset, photocopy, pre-, and post-press production of printed materials and mail services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Eligible Entities.

Contract Duration:
This Contract has an initial 5-year Contract Term, which commenced April 7, 2003 and expires April 6, 2008 (with 5 additional 12-month options for renewal).

How to use Contract OFF15:

Project Preparation
Use Quote/Order Form to finalize information on printing specifications and prepare project for quoting. Specify recycled paper for printing and add a standard recycled logo and/or words "Printed on Recycled Content Paper".

Request A Quote
Fax your Quote/Order form to Lane Printing & Advertising (Fax 781-767-4460).

Repeat Orders
If you have a repeat order (with the exact specifications as a previous order), agencies may select Lane Printing & Advertising (who previously fulfilled their order) by submitting that quote directly to Lane Printing & Advertising for completion of the repeat order. Eligible Entities are required to document such purchases in their procurement file.

Itemized Charges
All charges and costs must be described in complete detail and itemized on the Quote/Order Form. Any charges not specifically covered on the quote/order form must be described in complete detail on the form under a separate category titled "Other Charges" and all costs itemized.

Approval of Proofs
Eligible Entities should review and approve proofs provided by Contractors prior to start of each project, when appropriate.

For MMARS Users Only
To encumber funds: End users must select Contractor on PASM screen and related Price Agreement Line on PALN screen for the appropriate service. Related Commodity Codes are as follows: Copy Services - Commodity: 991 10 30 0085 Printing Services - Commodity: 991 10 30 1075

To process payments:
Lane Printing & Advertising payments are currently processed using ID #043034306.

Complete Customer Survey Form
Upon completion and/or delivery of any products purchased under this Contract, please complete a Customer Survey Form provided with your completed order.

Services provided by Lane Printing & Advertising:
Printing, high-speed digital printing, graphic design, large format printing, variable data, mailing (postal discounts), binding and finishing services, vinyl lettering and signs, advertising specialties.

Customer Satisfaction
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